How does the newest hair salon become the best hair salon in Ann Arbor? “That’s the challenge I embraced when I envisioned ZĒV Salon + Studio,” explains founder and owner Nichole Muncy.

“ZĒV Salon + Studio offers a full line of hair, skin care, nail, waxing, and lash services.  As a salon we strive to bring you the best in beauty, with top industry talent and innovative products. We are conveniently located for clients in Ann Arbor and the Dexter area at 5700 Jackson Road, just three miles west of downtown Ann Arbor and less than five miles east of Dexter.

“We have fine dining and fast food nearby, as well as a full complement of retail stores. And we have free parking close to our door, which is very important when it is raining, snowing, the wind is blowing, or all three,” Nichole emphasizes.

“But to be the best, we have to offer the women and men who are our customers something more,” continues the 24-year veteran hair stylist. “We have to offer the best experience in the city!”

  • State of the art and customized facials, lash extensions, body and facial waxing.
  • Creative hair design, haircut, color and highlights.
  • A full line of nail services, including manicures, pedicures, gels, acrylics and nail art.
  • Laser hair + tattoo removal.

 “Success comes from your happiness!” Nichole says.

“Great stylists in the best salons are masters of five traits,” Nichole says.

1. “We are creative and visual and posses the skill to turn your desires into reality.
2. “We are good listeners and pay close attention to what you want, but also to what you want to talk about. A great hair salon experience is great therapy. You can tell us as much or as little as you want, and either way your hair will look great.
3. “We are honest. If you want something new, we will be upfront about the cost of the cut and the cost of maintaining it. We also will be honest if we think a look won’t work for you, whether it’s the cut, the color or that your busy lifestyle won’t allow for its maintenance. Together, we can present you at your absolute best.
4. “We must possess the skills necessary to render the vision. A good stylist is committed to learning multiple techniques and continuously improving our capabilities. No amount of empathy or creativity can make up for a bad haircut. Your hair is your Sistine Chapel, and we have to be your Michelangelo.
5. “We are adaptable to changing trends and new looks, to new tools and new ideas. We are confident that our skill, vision and creativity come together to give you a great hairstyle and a great haircut.”

“What will prove that we are the best hair salon in Ann Arbor? Your happiness!” Nichole affirms.  “I am a customer, too.  I know that there is no more meaningful measure of customer success.”

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Conveniently located on Ann Arbor’s West Side

5700 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor

Conveniently located on Ann Arbor's West Side

Conveniently located on Ann Arbor’s West Side

5700 Jackson rd., Ann Arbor

Conveniently located on Ann Arbor's West Side

full service salon + spa





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