Jessica Gariepy

“I love what I do,” says Jessica Gariepy, Esthetician and Lash Specialist at Ann Arbor’s Zev Salon and Studio. Jessica’s skin care skills include a mastery of nanotechnology to enhance her soothing lotions, moisturizers and other facial treatments. 

“Many people simply enjoy the luxury of a relaxing facial, or the beauty enhancement of great lashes,” Jessica says. “I enjoy bringing all my skills to create a deep tranquility. My work is customized, striving to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.”

“For example, for those who wish, I can treat serious skin texture problems at the same time without losing that deep sense of tranquility and well being. My anti-aging therapies reduce fine lines around your eyes, forehead, cheeks and lips, leaving you looking younger with smooth and soft skin. I can add nano-channeling, ultrasonic and cream therapies, as needed, for your desired results. 

“If you are suffering from dehydrated skin, acne outbreaks, hyperpigmentation or even melisma, I invite you to make an appointment with me. Your treatment is customized expressly for you, a totally relaxing experience as I revitalize your skin. My facial refresh is so gentle on the skin you can easily add other treatments during a single appointment, including facial peels. And I can perform an ultrasonic peeling instead of a microderm for the skin you want without the downtime and irritation.

“Are your skin challenges more frustrating, Jessica asks. “Did a stubborn breakout cause post-blemish scarring? Do you suffer from freckles that with too much exposure to the sun became full-blown sunspots? Is there discoloration caused by a condition like eczema or psoriasis?

“Acne, sunlight, and skin rashes all have the potential to cause hyperpigmentation from melanocytes, the pigment-making cells in the skin. I can reduce your hyperpigmentation, brown spots and sun damage and increase collagen production for firmer skin and a younger and more beautiful you.

“I love making people happier and healthier,” Jessica says. “Come and see me. It is what I do.”