REDKEN Certified Hair Stylist

Nichole, a Stylist in Ann Arbor for 24 years, enjoys collaborating with her guests to create hair designs that they love.
Her artistry can range from natural to dramatic.


Beautician, coiffeur, coiffeuse, friseur, Nichole Muncy is not merely one of Ann Arbor’s great hairstylists. She is the stylist who has taught and mentored many of Ann Arbor’s best hairdresser professionals.

In fact, that was Nichole’s job for years, in addition to previously being a marquee stylist at one of Ann Arbor biggest hairdressing salons. No wonder that Nichole showed an exceptional eye and instinct while recruiting the very best to perform at her new ZĒV Salon + Studio.

“Opening any business is a challenge,” says Nichole, “but designing a hair salon to be the best in town is the ultimate challenge.”

Ultimate challenges are not unusual for Nichole. She has competed as a triathlete for years, training with the area’s best.

“I know what it is to be the best,” Nichole says, “and while I always strive to finish strong, I know that I am not the best triathlete.

“But owning the best hair salon in Ann Arbor? Now that’s a finish line I can cross in the lead,” she says.